Dr Harvey CASTRO, MD

Author, Chat GPT Healthcare, US

Dr Harvey Castro is an accomplished physician, healthcare consultant, and serial entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to promoting digital health awareness and instigating positive changes in the industry. With a diverse background that includes roles as a CEO, practicing physician, and medical correspondent for major media outlets such as Fox News, NBC, and Telemundo, Dr Castro has established a reputation for his innovative thinking and successful implementation of impactful healthcare solutions.

His expertise extends to the development of healthcare apps and consulting for numerous healthcare organisations. He has made significant written contributions to the field, with his work appearing in medical publications and books.

His book series "Chat GPT Healthcare" is available on Amazon. These volumes encapsulate his rich insights and experiences within the healthcare industry, providing practical guidance for aspiring professionals.

He has set his sights on joining a corporate board to contribute his expertise and support the growth and success of the organisation. As an international public speaker, he has shared his knowledge at various prestigious events, including:

- Keynote Speaker at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

- Speaker at AI MED

- Speaker at various conferences in Germany and Australia

Through his work, he strives to inspire and assist individuals and organisations in their journey to succeed in healthcare and digital health. He firmly believes in the power of reinvention and invites others to join him on this journey. For more information about his work and how to get involved, please visit his website.