Dr Chih Hoong SIN

Director of Innovation and Social Investment, Traverse, UK

Dr Chih Hoong is Director of Innovation and Social Investment at the Traverse (formerly the Office for Public Management), an employee-owned public interest Company based in London, United Kingdom. He has extensive experience working with organisations from the public, private and social sectors on improving public service design and delivery, with a focus on improving social outcomes. Chih Hoong also has a reputation for innovative financing to support better outcomes. In particular, he is a recognised expert in the design and implementation of Social Impact Bonds and wider forms of social investment in the UK and internationally. He provides independent expert advice and support to a number of the UK Government's Social Impact Bond Funds, such as the current £80million Life Chances Fund aimed at helping those people in society who face the most significant barriers to leading happy and productive lives.

He helps social sector organisations engage better with public sector commissioner (e.g. through the Public Services (Social Value) Act), and to improve public service design and delivery through better co-production. Since 2014, Chih Hoong has trained around 350 commissioners from central government and localities across England in innovative forms of commissioning to help manage the challenges posed by rising demand in the context of austerity.

Chih Hoong has provided expert advice to stakeholders in Japan since 2014, and played an instrumental role contributing to the emergence of SIBs in Japan, and has been advising a number of other organisations developing impact bonds in Europe and Asia.

Chih Hoong is a Fellow of Practice at the Government Outcomes Lab (GOLab): a partnership between the UK Government and the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford.