Douglas CHENG

Programme Manager, Fullness Social Enterprises Society, HK

Mr Douglas Cheng is not only a social innovator but also a passionate globetrotter who is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. He believes that by connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds, we can learn from one another and work together to build a better, more inclusive world.

He started his social innovation and entrepreneurship career with a social enterprise that empowers deaf youths to become balloon artists. Through the social enterprise, he provided training and resources to empower deaf youths to develop their artistic skills and turn their passion into a successful career. He also raised awareness about the unique talents and abilities of the deaf community. In addition to his work with the social enterprise, Douglas has also led international volunteer programmes, bringing together individuals from all over the world to work on community development projects.

He is currently the Programme Manager of Fullness Social Enterprises Society, helping to mentor and support aspiring social entrepreneurs who want to create positive impact in their communities by providing training, networks and resources. He is also an author of several media platforms, such as am730 and ET Net, where he shares his experiences and insights on social innovation and entrepreneurship.

He holds a BSSc in Communication and has completed the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program Certificate – Cultivating Leadership in Education. He is also a Certified ESG Planner.