Ding Ding, Hiu Wai YIP

Founder, Festyle (Hong Kong) Limited, HK

Deeply influenced by her father who is an ardent restaurant operator, and her mum who sacrificed her own career to dedicate to provide her family with nutritious home meals, Ms Ding-Ding Yip is passionate about female empowerment and sharing happiness through food.

She believes a simple heart-warming homemade meal brings athe family together and isserves as the foundation of a person's physical and social well-being. Since her school years at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she has been passionate fervent about social innovation and entrepreneurship. Empathising with Understanding the difficulties city dwellers’ with long working hours,  face when taking care of their fresh and healthy food demand, and the struggles housewives face when taking care of their fresh and healthy food demand,market with household limitations, Ding-Dingshe founded Festyle in 2015.