Beatrice SHING

Project Manager, Good Lab, HK

Ms Beatrice Shing is a committed social changemaker, she believes understanding people and their everyday lives is the key to dissecting social problems and fostering social change.

As a Project Manager at Good Lab, she is dedicated to driving positive change in the public sector and fostering community innovation. She has participated in multiple innovation projects in collaboration with government departments and non-profit organisations, where she strives to bring about human-centric designs and solutions by engaging the public and promoting cross-sector collaboration.

Previously, Beatrice worked as a community researcher, managed various projects related to community culture and sustainable development. Her research and publications covered a wide range of topics, including community conservation, urban renewal, community planning, social inclusion, environmental protection, local economies and social entrepreneurship. She also managed multiple public engagement exercises, where she synthesised and analysed public opinions on public facility development plans and proposed public policies.