Annie CHEN

Chair, RS Group, HK

Ms Annie Chen is the principal and Chair of RS Group. Convinced that sustainability is the defining challenge of our times, she believes we can and must invest in the future that we want to create. To accelerate the mainstreaming of environmental and social considerations in the wealth management context, she has challenged RS Group to invest its capital sustainably, and actively supported innovative philanthropic and impact investing strategies. Recently, RS Group has incubated a platform called the Sustainable Finance Initiative in Hong Kong, to mobilise private capital for positive impact and accelerate Asia’s transition towards a sustainable finance hub.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University, followed by a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School. After practising tax law in the United States and Hong Kong, she joined her siblings in managing the family office established by their parents, and established RS Group in 2010.