Wan Chai SE Lab

The SE Lab collaborate with Social Ventures Hong Kong, under the theme “Changemakers Club”. The workshop gathered 31 cross-sector leaders from the social, business, and public sectors, as well as local community members. Through sharing of field stories and insights, as well as a brainstorming session, the power of community innovation and collaboration were leveraged to develop future visions for Wan Chai.

Idea 1- Work-style Commons- Integration of Life and Work

Conduct relaxation platform for office workers in Wan Chai through connecting resources of the community, government, NGOs, and SEs, by introducing activities happening in Wan Chai during lunch hour, during office hour and after working hour, so that people had more understanding of things happening in Wan Chai and enjoyed their leisure time beyond work.

Idea 2- Hip Hip Heritage- the Meeting of Old and New

By using ghost stories as an entry point, the project aimed to let the community learn about the culture and history of Wan Chai through exploring the historic buildings. Tasks would be required to complete as a team and music would also be an essential element in the project.

Idea 3- Creative Playground- the Celebration of Creativity and Culture

Connect people and resources in Wan Chai and promote work-life balance by utilising public and private spaces through providing free-hours activity on Wednesday, e.g. free lunch, free training and free artistic and cultural activities. Weekend activities could also be considered to further involve families and children in Wan Chai.

Idea 4- Impact Valley- Holistic Ecosystem for SEs

Organise “Nerd Night” in Wan Chai by collaborating with space owners, for example, gathering people in the public space of Bow Cafe and sharing whatever they are passionate about. Through the project, it was expected to connect people in the community of Wan Chai with the same interest.