Sham Shui Po SE Lab

The SE Lab was divided into 2 parts with both best practices sharing and co-creation. Cross-sector speakers were invited to share the building blocks of social capital in the perspective of housing, people's livelihood and community space. Participants then divided into groups to design a people-oriented community for Tonkin Street in Sham Shui Po in a workshop.

Topic 1: How might we provide adequate catering information to grassroots living in Tonkin Street so that they can build up a balanced and nutritious diet?

Idea 1: Healthy Diet Zone between a Wet Market in Lai Kok Estate and Sham Shui Po Park Stage Two

A sharing kitchen could be set up in the healthy diet zone, where residents could bring food ingredients and share the cooking equipment in the kitchen. Tenants could also be invited to set up booths providing healthy cuisine. A map including recommended restaurants and cooking recipes could be displayed to promote healthy catering among residents.

Idea 2: Pickup Stations or Vending Machines for Ready-to-Cook Cuisine Packages

Ready-to-cook cuisine packages would be useful for office workers who do not have time to buy and prepare food ingredients and people who are not good at cooking. Delivery service of ready-to-cook cuisine packages provided by SEs and businesses could be enhanced through collaborating with tenants in the Lai Kok Shopping Centre and setting pickup stations. Vendor machines could also be considered if there is a huge demand for the service in the future.

Topic 2: How might we provide adequate play space to kids living in Tonkin Street so that they can maintain a balance between body and mind?

Idea 3: Utilise the Building Rooftop

Rooftop could be a spacious and economical area for residents to gather and have fun. For example, it could be transformed into pet gardens by setting up ancillary facilities including amenity lawn, drink fountain and play equipment. Weekend markets and workshops could also be held in collaboration with shops in Tonkin Street.

Idea 4: Utilise School Campus at Weekends

School campuses provide another opportunity to tap in to provide play space for kids with its space and facilities. It could be leased to community organisations or NGOs for organising STEM workshops or carnivals at relatively low rental price.