SES 2020 Theme: “new normal · collective power”

SES 2020 Theme: “new normal · collective power”
The turn of the decade 2020 begins with a pandemic affecting people around the world, raising attention to health and changing the way people work, study, commute or socialise. Everyone in our society will require some shifts to come out of the current situations. Collective efforts are needed to re-focus on fostering mutually reinforcing solutions, continuous communication towards common agendas and making swift decisions based on current data and measurement.

N for New
E for Empower
W for Women Empowerment
N for New Born
O for Opportunity
R for restart
M for Motivation
A for Appreciate
L for Lesson
C for Cheerful
O for Overcome
ll for Storytelling
e for Embrace
C for Confident
T for Talent
ive for Innovative
P for Passion
O for Optimism
W for Well being
E for Empathy Entrepreneurship
R for Responsible