Bottom-Up Engagement to Cultivate Innovations in the Community

Social innovation has to align with the needs and issues in the community building on the empathic approach in design thinking. As we have to stand from the users’ perspective, why not invite users to participate and conceive a more livable community using the bottom-up approach?

In Yuen Long district, you can find beautiful natural landscape, a rich heritage, indigenous communities and urban bustle. It is also the home for many ethnic minorities. With the completion of large-scale real estate projects in recent years, the demand for increasing the frequency and capacity of public transportation has also increased. Social Enterprise Summit organised the "Community Innovation @ Yuen Long" Competition to call for new ideas to co-create a more liveable community in Yuen Long and received suggestions in different area.

Heritage Revitalization

Revitalize Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda in Ping Shan with projection mapping.

Medical Needs

To develop a medical app that allows patients to enter their conditions and wait for consultation online to save the waiting time.

Support to Ethnic Minorities

Organise Chinese training workshop and provide translation services to help ethnic minorities to use public services and get employed.

What social issues you observed in the community you are living in? What will your suggestion be?