A Conversation with a Stranger

When being asked “where are you from”, we often proudly say, “I am from Hong Kong”. Yet, there are a group of locals, often being asked twice, “Where exactly are you from?”, “India? Pakistan? Nepal? Indonesia?”

We often reflect what defines Hong Kong-er. Should the definition goes beyond race and skin color? Shouldn’t those who love Hong Kong, who respect and embrace multiculturalism be regarded as Hong Kong-er as well? When we call ourselves the “host” of this place, have we truly opened up ourselves to understand the minorities?

The images of minorities in Hong Kong might sometimes surprise you. Their culture isn’t only about curry. What they need isn’t any special treatments, but rather to be accepted and treated equally, so that they can proudly say that “I am from Hong Kong” just like the rest of us.

There’s no inclusion without conversation. Review the event.