Social Enterprise Summit

Keynote Speech cum Thematic Session B : Journey of Impact 3.0

The massive problems we are seeing now demand a new wave of innovation, enterprise and scaling.

From the climate crisis to the SDGs, from COVID-19 to the consequences of wars, we are seeing floods and fires, scarcity of food and fuel, harms across continents. We must act.

Mr Cliff Prior, CEO of Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), will expound the impact journey of bringing together influential stakeholders from private and public sectors to shift economies towards positive outcomes for all people and our shared planet.

Impact investing has developed: from small scale funds into new social enterprises; into larger funds addressing bigger challenges like homes, health and education; into the latest changes where impact tools can be used to identify the positive and negative actions of any listed company.

But the challenges remain. The climate crisis is here now, not 2050. The SDGs have gone backwards during COVID-19. And the global disaster from the Russian war on Ukraine is adding more pain across the world.

So we need you – the innovators, the social entrepreneurs, the angel investors and funders that can take the best ideas to scale. This is our challenge. And this is your opportunity. Let’s build the solutions for people and our shared planet.