Social Enterprise Summit

Grand Opening: Keynote Speech cum Thematic Session

Why a Regenerative Future?

Powerful historical trends are converging on our time. Humanity is exiting the youthful phase of growth and transitioning to maturity, including ecological maturity, demographic maturity, and economic maturity. This requires rethinking all aspects of human activity we took for granted, including business. What does business -- and the economy -- of a regenerative future look like? We already have a preview -- it is to be found in ESG enterprise. The challenge for all sectors is to transition to a system where ESG is no longer the exception, but the new norm.

This presentation will describe exactly what is meant by ecological maturity, demographic maturity, and economic maturity, and explain their linkages and their relationship to regeneration. It will discuss various macroeconomic policies and social policies that can assist this transition, and role that business, government, NGOs, and academia might play. Finally, it will suggest a unifying narrative to bridge different sectors, different generations, and different nations.