Social Enterprise Summit

Concluding Session: Beyond Sustainability

While sustainability focuses on today’s development that protects the growing ability of future generations, “regenerative” development prioritizes applying holistic processes to create feedback loops between physical, natural, economic and social capitals that are mutually supportive and contain the capacity to restore equitable, healthy and prosperous relationships among these forms of capital. Creating a “regenerative” future will require every level of society to optimize in ways that facilitate collaboration, evolution and innovation.

It is less than ten years away from the 2030 sustainable development goal targets set by the United Nations. Will the world in ten, twenty or fifty years be better than it is now? It involves the visions of every one of us for the future. The speakers in this concluding session will take “regeneration” as the entry point to review the visions of sustainability in the post-COVID era and look ahead to the future of “regenerative” development.