Social Enterprise Summit

Building Regional Alliances to Address Climate Change and Urban Slum

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 80% of the environmental and economic cost due to the climate change would be borne by majority of the developing countries while an increase in 0.5°C would put over 140 million people in the low-income regions at irreversible risk. Local urban challenges on housing, food, education and jobs have never been more important as such climate impact and the global pandemic drives a wave of migration of population from first tier capital cities to second and third tier cities. It takes stakeholders’ collective leadership at the city level across the region to take actions and create larger ripples.

This session highlights the common local development gaps of sustainability in its process, benchmarking and practices where leadership can be collectively built and transferred over generations and sectors (public and private) across Global South countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore and Bangladesh.