Mr Antony WONG

Co-founder & COO, Social Career, HK

Antony Wong is the co-founder of Social Career, a non-profit technology organization which makes use of technology to help NGOs solve social problems more efficiently. When Social Career was established, Antony and his other co-founders envisioned a world where everyone can develop a second career outside of their work. This second career is not only an identity that people are passionate about, but also a role for us to contribute to the society. That's why the first tech platform they developed is named Social Career.

Before Social Career, Antony has also co-founded another IT startup that focused on using technology to connect different resources within our local neighbourhoods and to solve the problems of our own communities. Later this venture pivoted to focus on using the local human resources to provide elderly care services.

Antony is also a founding director of Golden Age Foundation, and a Christian church deacon, ministering youth ministry for over 7 years. He devotes his time to live up to his Christian values of loving his neighbours and be a good steward of the world.