Dr Tat LAM

Chief Executive Officer, Shanzhai City, HK

Dr Tat Lam is the CEO of SZC Holdings, a social enterprise to conduct research on social finance and social development strategies, to develop technological solutions for the bottom billion markets, and to launch mission driven ventures to solve the problems on the ground. Dr Lam is an expert on development, social anthropology and impact finance. Under his leadership, SZC Holdings has been serving social capital funds, foundations and governments in China, Singapore, Myanmar, and Brazil. Recently, Dr Lam and his team has launched a new venture in Singapore to provide microfinance services targeting on the unbanked population in Papua New Guinea, Laos, Myanmar and Hong Kong, supported by capacity building programs and blockchain technologies.

Before founding SZC Holdings, Dr Lam involved in large scale urban and rural development projects in China, consulting on strategies of public private engagements and collaborations.

Dr Lam graduated from Columbia University, New York and UCL, London. He has been teaching urban development, innovation and entrepreneurship programs at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the past 8 years.