Alan CHEUNG Yick-lun, MH

Founder and Managing Director, Grandion Group
Ex-officio Advisor, Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council

Mr Alan Cheung graduated from the University of Hong Kong & founded Grandion Industrial Ltd. (a member of Grandion Group) in 1996. Grandion is an apparel supply chain solution provider with production facilities located in China & Hong Kong.

In 2015, Grandion launched an innovative industrial project called TML (To make locally) in HK. The TML project unleashes the competitive advantages of Hong Kong with top design talents; free flow of goods, information and funds; and a sound legal system. TML deploys state-of-art technologies & smart supply chain solutions to extend the Group’s capability from an OEM/ODM manufacturer to an Online to Offline (O2O) customised solutions provider in the data economy.  

In view of the "aging population" issue, he performed impact investment to the Longevity Group in early 2018 and served as chairman. The Longevity Group has then been transforming from a social enterprise into a business platform with social purposes to design and create an inclusive & smart home for the elderly through crossover collaboration with different industrial & technology enterprises. Longevity keeps striving to be an effective & reliable service provider for the elderly with the aim in helping Hong Kong becomes a smart city on elderly.

The operating purpose of the TML and Longevity project is to generate economic value whilst at the same time creating value for society by achieving a sustainable & diversified development of Hong Kong enterprises. He is appointed as the advisory board or vetting committee members in various Government Bureaus & Organisations in providing advises on Economic & trade development, Innovation & Technology, Vocational & Professional Education, Start-ups incubation, Social Enterprises, Social Innovation and Design Thinking application. He also acts as the mentors to support young designers & start-ups to develop their brands and businesses. Since 2018, he has been leading the company as an Impact Ventures Builder to co-create different purpose ventures with social entrepreneurs which leverage social innovations to improve & tackle the social & industrial pain points.

Awards & Public Services:

Recent Personal Awards:

- 2011   The Young Industrialists Award of Hong Kong

- 2011   The Capital Leaders of Excellence Award

- 2012   The Asia Pacific Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award  

- 2013  The Capital Entrepreneur of the Year Award

- 2020    The Medal Of Honor, HKSAR

Public Services:

1. Tech. Voucher Program Committee of Information & Tech. Bureau           Vice Chairman

2. Create Smart Initiative Vetting Committee – CreateHK of CEBD           Vice Chairman

3. Social Enterprises Advisory Committee of Home Affairs Bureau           Vice Chairman

4. Labour & Welfare Bureau - Community Investment and Inclusion Fund           Member

5. Social Innovation & Entrepreneur fund of Committee of Poverty           Member

6. BUD Fund Programme Management Committee of CEDB           Member

7. HKTDC Design, Marketing and Licensing Services Advisory Committee           Member

8. Hong Kong Design Centre           Director

9. Vocational Training Council           Council member

10. Design Discipline Advisory board of VTC - Hong Kong Design Institute           Board member

11. Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council           Ex-officio Advisor

12. Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council Foundation           Vice President

13. General Committee of Federation of Hong Kong Industries           Council Member

14. Federation of Hong Kong Industries – Group 31 (Design)           Chairman

15. Federation of Hong Kong Industries – CSR committee           Chairman

16. Federation of Hong Kong Industries – Design Council Hong Kong           Vice Chairman

17. Federation of Hong Kong Industries – Hong Kong Startup           Council  Member/Principal Mentor

18. The University of Hong Kong – Careers Advisory Board           Vice Chairman

19. The Metropolitan University of Hong Kong Council           Council Member

20. CW Chu College, CUHK           Mentor

21. The Lingnan Education Organisation           Director

22. Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum           Chairman

23. The Executive Committee of Society for Promoting Hospice Care           Member

24. Hong Kong Jockey Club - CLAP for Youth @ JC Advisory Committee           Member