Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019


Workshop: Growth Mindset for a Happier Life




As the world is becoming more rapid-changing, complex and uncertain, how do you get prepared to face the challenges and realize more of your potential to lead a productive and fulfilling life?

Growth Mindset is based on 30+ years of research by Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck who is the first laureate of YiDan Prize (the world’s biggest award on education research). The research shows that Growth Mindset has positive impact on one’s motivation, resilience, and achievement in school/work environment and further proves it can be strengthened.

This is an experiential workshop with fun, interactive and inspirational activities covering the following:

  • Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
  • Benefits of having a Growth Mindset
  • How to shift towards a Growth Mindset


Chief Training Officer, Social Investors Club, HK