Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019


Workshop: Creative Social Entrepreneurship Empowered by Design




Creativity and Design Thinking have been widely applied in business sector as a collaborative methodology to solve wicked problems. How could social entrepreneurs adopt such mentality to better identify innovation opportunities and create positive social impact?

This workshop aims to cultivate an innovation mindset for social enterprise leaders, and promote the power of design thinking and good design to bring about inclusive solutions in social dimensions. You will be guided through the Design Thinking process with lecture, case sharing and interactive exercises to learn new methodologies, practice the essential tools and knowledge, and co-create social innovation via a human-centric approach.

Join the interactive workshop to embrace yourself with the essential qualities for future-oriented leadership, and explore creative problem-solving possibilities to co-design a brighter future.


Senior Manager – InnoDesign Leadership & Knowledge Programmes, Hong Kong Design Centre, HK