Social Enterprise Summit 2021


12:20pm HKT (GMT+8)
02:45pm HKT (GMT+8)
03:00pm HKT (GMT+8)
Co-creating an Open Knowledge Hub for Ecosystem Development

What are the essential processes from data to knowledge, from knowledge to wisdom? The answer may lie in connecting digitally across the world, sharing knowledge and insights, and creating the best value for society. This track addresses the three Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) components in respective sessions to deliver knowledge and paints a comprehensive view of the landscape. A forward-looking initiative is to co-create an open knowledge hub on social innovation by collaborating with different stakeholders across Asia.

04:00pm HKT (GMT+8)
04:15pm HKT (GMT+8)
Building Alliances for Regional Collective Impact

In the post-COVID-19 world, the rise of virtual conferencing and information sharing have brought geographies closer than ever.

This track is going to delineate a common vision among Asian cities by taking Hong Kong as the starting point of this emerging intercity coalition to exchange or showcase practical cases and develop joint efforts to shift the strategic gears in social innovation and entrepreneurship.

05:15pm HKT (GMT+8)
05:30pm HKT (GMT+8)
Bridging Purpose with Actions

The striking challenges of our times—such as post COVID-19 recovery, the environment, education, and poverty—are complex, whether on a local, national, or international scale. For social innovation and enterprises to grow, new avenues will be required to bring about adequate resources and funding to renew the commitment of impact creation or launch new purpose-led initiatives.

To achieve the mission, bridging the needs from social enterprises and resources available from stakeholders such as businesses, investors and foundations with new collaboration models and formats to connect each other will be critical. This track will explore strategies and practices to gather, channel and utilise resources to bolster ongoing growth and development of impact organisations in the ecosystem.

06:30pm HKT (GMT+8)