Partner with Us

Partner with us to co-create and grow the social entrepreneurship eco-system.  SES partners with civic sector, businesses, academia and government teams on a wide range of events and initiatives.  Examples of such partnership includes the Fullers Social Enterprise Society (FSES) on the Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM); Education for Good on the B Leaders Course; General Chamber of Social Enterprises (GCSE) on the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Employee Recognition Scheme; the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (IFE & J.C. DISI) on Good Seed, a social innovation training and funding programme; CUHK Centre for Entrepreneurship on the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge.

We welcome new partnerships with corporations to think beyond Corporate Social Responsibility to view business opportunities through the lens of social innovation.  We also open to discuss employee volunteering opportunities as part of what we offer in return to corporation’s financial and in-kind support.

To Partner with us

Please contact us if you would like to contribute by email at