Social Enterprise Summit 2019



Ms Rebecca LEUNG
Ms Rebecca LEUNG
Young Entrepreneur, HK

Rebecca Leung was Regional Executive Director of e-commerce travel platform KKday. Rebecca, at the age of 22, was the pioneer team member of KKday (Taiwan-headquartered) in Hong Kong and took the wheel for KKday's market expansion in the Southeast Asia, overseeing the rapid growth of 6 promising markets in the region. She grew and headed the 50-strong team in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, curated the early expansion of KKday. Prior to joining KKday, she co-founded Tie In, a marketing agency, while still at university. 

Rebecca is now a columnist and also a volunteer speaker, coach and consultant, sharing her business and personal stories with NGOs and schools, and is involved in youth mentoring programme.

Rebecca was awarded ‘2019 the Loop HK 30 under 30’ with her early achievement. She published a book and shared how she has overcome challenges of her first job, leadership, working overseas and entrepreneurial journey at 2019 book fair. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University of Hong Kong.