Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019


Grand Opening cum Keynote Speech

Keynote : Redesigning the Corporation

What is the role of business in society in the 21st century? At a moment of unprecedented social and environmental global challenges, including the growing disparity of wealth and an accelerating climate emergency, to what degree should the business community be part of the solution? How do we redesign the Corporation to build a more inclusive economy and deliver a shared and durable prosperity for all? Please join one of the co-founders of the B Corporation movement, Bart Houlahan, for a conversation about the future of business. B Corporations are leading a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Thematic Session : The Case of CSV: Turning the Pain Points of Stakeholders into Business and Growth Opportunities

Quality and value for money can no longer guarantee success in an increasingly crowded marketplace. This panel will share the best trends and practices on how progressive businesses engage the hearts and minds of employees and customers, and how they turn societal needs into growth engines and competitive advantages.


Keynote Speaker

Co-Founder, B Lab, USA

Panel Speakers

Founder and Chief Catalyst, Innofoco, HK
Executive Director, SIX, UK
Co-founder & Chairman, Animoca Brands, HK
Founder & CEO, Outblaze, HK


Make A Difference Institute

Convenor & Director
Good Lab Foundation

Deputy Chair
Social Enterprise Summit