Social Enterprise Summit 2019

Social Enterprise Summit 2019


Asia Youth Entrepreneurship Exchange

This exchange is to respond to the evolving needs of young social entrepreneurs in Asia and to provide a rewarding space for them to learn, share, explore and collaborate with influencers. With representation from various Asian cities, including the Greater Bay Area of China, there will be immense opportunities for young talents to learn beyond borders. Together, we will work towards win-win solutions to enhance the well-being of different Asian communities.


Chair, Organising Committee of Social Enterprise Summit
Executive Director and Senior Innovation Consultant, Education for Good


Group Managing Director, Adrenalin Group Pte. Ltd., Singapore
CEO & Co-Founder, GetLinks,Thailand
CEO & Co-Founder, Tandemic, Malaysia
Founder (CEO), Underdogs & New black, South Korea
Co-founder and Director, Social Innovation Japan, Japan
Founder, The Keep Moving Project, HK
CEO of Fairylands Environmental Protection Sci-Tech, China
Founder and CEO of Shenzhen Power Solution, China